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I’m Like Criswell

October 30, 2012

You’ve been asking yourself, “Self, whatever happened to Lost Transmission?”

You’ve been thinking, “How have I survived the last ten months without a new post from that retro guy?”

You’ve been wondering, “What will it it take for my favorite blog to get back online?”

Yes, like the great Criswell, I can foresee the past and read your mind.

The good news is…I’m back. And what brought me up out of a big pile of mothballs to resurface now? Commercialism. It’s Halloween tomorrow, and we all know what that means. Time to get on with Christmas!

Click me!

To that end, check out my EP, “Tinsel & Twang”. This collection of seven instrumental Christmas classics is yours to download at iTunes and Amazon MP3 for less than $7.00! I can’t believe it either!

Get in the Christmas spirit early this year with some retro-styled tunes from yours truly. There’s something for everybody, here. It’s rock ‘n’ roll, surf, country, jazz and rockabilly all wrapped up in red and green like a great big present with your name on it under a pink aluminum Christmas tree. It’s your favorite seasonal songs smokin’ hot as a flaming yule log. It’s Tinsel meets Twang! Only 55 shopping days left until Christmas!

If you’re in an extra-sarcastic Christmas mood, download my song “Christmas at Wendy’s” at iTunes. While you’re at it, buy two…make it a gift!

Check back in again soon. I’ll try not to stay gone so long this next time!




Lost Transmission Episode #8

October 27, 2010

Holy smokes! I finished this up about 2 weeks ago, but due to some ghosts in the machine (my computer, that is), I couldn’t get this sucker uploaded until tonight. Guess it’s really Halloween after all. Anyway, I picked a few holiday-type tunes for your enjoyment, including some Nervous Norvus, the Montesas, Bobby Boris Pickett, and more. Throw in some sound effects and other old-timey sounds, and you got yourself a killer Halloween show. Boo!

Lost Transmission #5 – Halloween Special

October 15, 2009

Lost Transmission is here to join in the season with some bone-chilling rock ‘n’ roll and other spooky sounds to make your curly locks stand on-end. This episode is extra-long, ’cause, shoot! – there’s just too much good stuff to pack into a 30-minute show. We got Buck Owens (dead), Screamin’ Jay Hawkins (dead), the Five Blobs (???), the Munsters (many dead), the Coasters (mostly dead) and gobs of other dead artists! Pretty scary, huh?