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Orange Grove

January 13, 2013

It’s no secret…I grew up in Orange County, California.  I was even born and lived a few early years in a city named Orange.  Later, my family lived in Anaheim (also in Orange County).  As an adult, I moved back one more time to the city of Orange before finally leaving California for the southeast U.S.  The city of Orange is one of my favorite places in the world…very small-town.

There’s a reason there is a city in California named “Orange”.  Oranges were everywhere.  My dad has lived in Orange County since the 1950’s and has distinct memories of orange groves as far as you could see. Even for me, growing up in the 1970’s, the orange trees were ubiquitous.  There were trees on street corners, stands of trees along the road, in people’s yards, and huge groves of trees up hillsides.  The street I lived on in Anaheim backed up to a large grove of orange trees before they were all torn down to make way for new tract homes.

Going home to California earlier this month reminded me of how much I love the sight of an orange tree.  They were full of fruit (as they often are in winter months) during my visit, and it was a pleasant sight.

For the last 3 years, I have been formulating a song about the orange groves.  I wrestled with several ideas for the song’s style and production (as well as lyrics) for a long time before settling on an Everly Brothers-styled ballad.  I’m proud to roll out (no pun intended) a new demo recording of Orange Grove – a tribute to my memories of the orange trees of Southern California.  I hope you enjoy it…just click the picture below to visit my music website and check out Orange Grove.