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Retro Disneyland Find

January 5, 2011

I was in a local antique store a couple weeks ago and ran across a bunch of old postcards from the 50’s.  Well, being me, I couldn’t pass these up without browsing through all of them…when lo and behold, I struck pay dirt.

My original Disneyland postcard booklet is in excellent condition.  The pictures on the inside flaps are clean and vivid.  This booklet sold for 15 cents at Disneyland.  The date is definitely pre-1971, when the Indian Village met its demise (reportedly after a labor dispute with the real native Americans Disneyland had contracted to work this area).  I haven’t been able to nail down a certain date, but I found another similar 15-cent postcard set online on which someone had written “1960”.  I know the Mine Train was upgraded to include Rainbow Caverns and the geysers in 1960 (both depicted here), so the booklet was obviously produced in 1960 or later.

I think my favorites are several images from the Mine Train Through Nature’s Wonderland attraction, which I remember well from my boyhood days – especially the waterfall at Rainbow Caverns, the spouting geysers and the bears in the water beneath the bridge.  It was a great attraction and is a favorite of Disneyland old-timers.

This train ride eventually closed in 1977 and was converted to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.  I can vividly remember the commercial for Big Thunder Mountain from its debut in 1979.  Here it is:

Enjoy these images of this great antique store find.  And check out that awesome hand-drawn painted desert scene with the obligatory 3-armed saguaro cactus.  So cool!