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Knott’s Berry Farm Souvenir Slides Pt. 2

February 1, 2013

Knotts Berry Farm Prospector and Chief

Gabby Hayes and the Redman Tobacco Indian meet at the blacksmith shop?

Knotts Berry Farm Coffee Saloon

The Coffee Saloon – too bad the dancehall girl’s face is unrecognizable.  Nice gams.


Knott’s Berry Farm Souvenir Slides

January 31, 2013

More Southern California vintage coolness.  My dad’s garage also yielded a bunch of souvenir slides from Knott’s Berry Farm from long long ago.  If you don’t know much about Knott’s, it’s sort of Disneyland’s ugly cousin.  It’s in Buena Park – only a few miles from the Magic Kingdom and has an entirely different feel.  It’s Western them is complete with authentic buildings and Old West-themed amusement rides like the log ride and the Calico Mine Train.  It was started by the Knott family, who sold their berry jams, jellies and pies at a roadside stand.  Later, they served up fried chicken dinners in Mrs. Knott’s restaurant before building the replica of a ghost town in 1940.  It grew from there.

I visited Knott’s many times as a kid.  You could watch a gun fight, see a vaudeville show at the Birdcage Theater, or pan for gold.

Enjoy these nuggets (pun intended)…

Knotts Berry Farm Main Street Stores

Calicao Ghost Town Storefronts.  Check out the schoolgirls.  Definitely 50’s or 60’s.

Knotts Berry Farm Butterfield Stage Coach

The Old Butterfield Stagecoach.  Looks like Bonanza!