Lately I’ve had some real groovy luck in my quest for cool records.  One day alone was like striking black gold (of the vinyl variety).  Let me share…

Maybe you thought $2 for Les Paul was cheap, but lay your peepers on this gem I picked up in a record shop in Alabama for $1.00!  The Rockats Live at the Ritz.  I felt like I righted a great wrong that day.  This baby was the Rockats debut album in 1981, and it’s in near mint condition…for a dollar!!   My father-in-law (who was with me) incredulously exclaimed, “How in the world do you hear about these bands?”  I just lead a charmed life, I guess.  What a great album!

But wait, there’s more!  Next I found a 1957 original in the same $1.00 bin as the Rockats.  Louis Prima’s classic album “The Wildest!”  This is 1950’s adult cool at its best.  The cover’s not in the best shape, but I think it gives it character.  Whoever bought this item in ’57 played it, and it still sounds great today!  Also check out the cool ’50’s Las Vegas graphics from the flipside cover.


But this ain’t over by a long shot.  Next up is a rockabilly band even I had never heard of, but just spotting the cover of this platter was all I needed to know I was hot on the trail of another tasty rock and roll morsel.  Kevin Fayte and Rocket 8.  What?!  On Nervous Records from 1985.  Wasn’t sure this looked too promising.  This album had 20 songs on it!  I figured, how good could this be?  Know what?  It’s not bad!  I was pleasantly surprised.  For $5.95, I picked up an ’80’s rockabilly band I’d never heard of on a near-mint original LP, and enjoyed some good rockabilly to boot!


Well, that’s all for now.  I have a few more little items to share from this adventure.  All in good time.

Keep rockin’!


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