Must-Have Vinyl?

Random post.  It’s not even very original, but who cares?

I’ve bought a few albums just because I love the cover art.   I think I’d take a pass on these…

OK, I’ll give you one guess:  who’s the lamest person in this picture?  It’s a dance party with three people…and the one up front looks like she has no rhythm at all.  Anybody who keeps time to a rock and roll record by holding both arms up and snapping on 1 and 3 is a square.  Hey, girlie…you’re boyfriend is dancing with the cool chick in the corner…

Nothing says Christmas like Colonel Sanders.  But wait, you mean he ain’t singin‘ any of these songs.  What’s the deal?

Okay, this guy looks like Kevin Costner’s character in JFK and Bing Crosby from Bells of St. Mary’s had a child.  I wonder how many parishioners bought this.

It’s Joyce!  The price tag on this one says it all.

This is my favorite.  It’s an album I saw on eBay.  It’s a Japanese import.  Notice anything wrong here?  Hmmm…first, Jerry Lee doesn’t play guitar.  Second, call me cynical, but I’d swear this is the Killer’s head superimposed over Buddy Holly’s body.


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