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Must-Have Vinyl?

August 26, 2010

Random post.  It’s not even very original, but who cares?

I’ve bought a few albums just because I love the cover art.   I think I’d take a pass on these…

OK, I’ll give you one guess:  who’s the lamest person in this picture?  It’s a dance party with three people…and the one up front looks like she has no rhythm at all.  Anybody who keeps time to a rock and roll record by holding both arms up and snapping on 1 and 3 is a square.  Hey, girlie…you’re boyfriend is dancing with the cool chick in the corner…

Nothing says Christmas like Colonel Sanders.  But wait, you mean he ain’t singin‘ any of these songs.  What’s the deal?

Okay, this guy looks like Kevin Costner’s character in JFK and Bing Crosby from Bells of St. Mary’s had a child.  I wonder how many parishioners bought this.

It’s Joyce!  The price tag on this one says it all.

This is my favorite.  It’s an album I saw on eBay.  It’s a Japanese import.  Notice anything wrong here?  Hmmm…first, Jerry Lee doesn’t play guitar.  Second, call me cynical, but I’d swear this is the Killer’s head superimposed over Buddy Holly’s body.


Thomas Yearsley

August 21, 2010

Years ago I had the pleasure of seeing Thomas Yearsley perform with the Paladins up-close and personal at the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano.  The cat can play the bass.  Incidentally, he is also an accomplished pedal steel player and songwriter.  Check out his brilliant post-Paladins work with his combo Exotiki.  Great stuff!  See Exotiki here…Exotiki – Smokey’s Speed Shop on YouTube.

Thomas sang a couple of train songs for the Paladins.  One is called “Right Track” on the Paladin’s second album Years Since Yesterday.  The other is on the same album and is called “Good Lovin'”, the first verse of which goes like this:

Well I’m down here at the station standin’ on the railroad track

Yes, I’m down here at the station standin’ on the railroad track

I just got the news my baby ain’t comin’ back

In some grand irony, I was shocked to hear the following news tonight.  Good luck to you, Thomas…

Help Thomas Yearsley

Thomas Yearsley, longtime bass player of The Paladins was hit by a train on the evening of Aug 16th while trying to save his dog from the same. He was Life-Flighted away to Scripps Hospital in La Jolla, CA, although he should be discharged as of Thursday the 19th. He suffered a broken leg and other injuries, unfortunately his dog Swango didn’t survive. Latest article here.

The biggest portion of the costs will be the Life-Flight trip, a 3-day hospital stay, and the work that he will lose for the next few weeks. Like most musicians Thomas is without insurance. Please help out with a donation if you can. Any amount will help.

Thomas and The Paladins toured for around 20 years playing the biggest blues & rockabilly festivals in the world and were the backing band for many heavy-hitters like Barbara Lynn, Katie Webster, Charlie Musselwhite, Hollywood Fats, and countless others. Thomas was formerly married to blues diva Candye Kane.

Jim Healy

August 16, 2010

Here’s a lost transmission from more recent decades.  I know most of my posts pertain to the 1950’s or some other such decade, but let’s face it – I grew up in the 1970’s and 80’s.  One broadcast I miss desperately is from legendary L.A. sports news guy Jim Healy.  Jim’s show came on daily on AM station KLAC and later on KMPC throughout the 1980’s.

He highlighted the most outrageous, stupid, funny, and ridiculous sports news stories of the day and gave them a pseudo-serious, deeply sarcastic treatment.

What made his show so unique was his collection of sound bytes and effects, which dotted each of his news clips, sports stories and personal commentary with added hilarity.  His ticking teleprinter sound effect gave the impression he was reading headlines, while most every story ended with a trademark guffaw by California Angels Manager Norm Sherry –  normsherrylaugh.

I not much of a sports fan, but I have never hear another radio show quite like Jim Healy’s.  When it came on, I had to listen.  It had an old-time comedic quality to it and featured pop cultural references like Lawrence Welk and Howard Cosell.

I found a great website with all Jim’s old sound bytes as well as excerpts from a few shows.  Check it out here: Jim Healy Tribute Page.

I miss hearing this on the drive home from work in the afternoon.  The Jim Healy Show is truly a lost transmission.

Where’s the Disney Stuff?

August 13, 2010

I ran across this recently, and I love this picture of Walt Disney reading to his two daughters.

Interesting thing to note:  I don’t see a single Disney-related trinket in his daughters’ room.  Where’s the stuffed Mickey Mouse?  Where are the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs figurines?

He is reading Walt Disney’s Pinocchio, however…

Lost Transmission Episode #7

August 11, 2010

Just when you thought Lost Transmission podcast had been lost itself,  the “lucky 7th” episode of Lost Transmission is now available to tickle your ears and move your feet.  We’ve got some real gems in this packed 30-minutes of screaming streaming audio.  The McCoys, the Dovells, rock and roll wild man Bunker Hill, rockabilly king Carl Perkins, and more!  I dare you to listen and say six months wasn’t worth the wait!