Pop Art Award of the Week

OK, I’m not really doing this every week, but my retro award of the week goes to Sonic drive-ins for the artwork from their latest  promotion, “Even Sweeter After Dark”.

The ice cream cone image taken here is from my paper sack from yesterday’s lunch at Sonic (yes, I scanned my trash).   This little guy makes me happy!  The image is very reminiscent of the logo from the Fosters Freeze chain in Southern California.  It also reminds me a lot of the old drive-in intermission snack bar commercials.  Bravo, Sonic!


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2 Responses to “Pop Art Award of the Week”

  1. Chris Haynes Says:

    well, there goes the title for my new romance novel… (jk)
    This is a great little bit of info – I love the retro style time-frame Sonic reflects. Remember back in the day when Steak-n-Shake delivered your food via roller skates, and your tray mounted to the side of the car? Those were the days!

  2. jcjohnson Says:

    Didn’t have Steak-n-Shake in CA, but I do miss those days. We used to love the A&W drive-ins. You could get a Papa Burger and a root beer float!

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