Vinyl Valhalla

Thanks to my father-in-law, I am now the proud owner of a late 1960’s model Magnavox turntable console.  I ordered a new needle for it, and it finally came today!

It’s been awhile since I had a decent platter-spinner that didn’t require rigging up a spaghetti-like mishmash of wires, amps and speakers.

Now through the magic of modern mid-century technology, I can simply slide open the top, drop my favorite rockarolla disc (in my choice of 33 or 45 RPM’s) onto the turntable, and get caught up to the 7th sonic heaven of retro sounds on beautiful, warm vinyl .

The last LP I bought back in the late 1980’s (just before mainstream records stores finally went completely to the dark side and stopped selling vinyl) was Reet Petite by the incomparable Jackie Wilson on Ace Records.  The block-lettering and the bright red cover with electro-explosion graphics caught my eye.  Of course the deciding factor was that Jackie Wilson was also the greatest R&B singer ever, in my humble opinion.  It was a must-have.  I picked it up at Tower Records in days of yore.   But I digress.

All my records are smiling again – fulfilling their purpose in this world instead of frowning in a dark box on a dusty closet shelf in the spare bedroom.  It may be time to throw together a new Lost Transmission podcast to celebrate…if I can find the time.

Welcome back, my little licorice pizzas.  It’s good to hear you again.


3 Responses to “Vinyl Valhalla”

  1. Antoinette Martinez Says:

    love your stereo i have one exactly like it. It belong to my mother. Its was her favorate piece of furture. The only thing is i need a needle and i don’t know what size. Can you please tell me what size needle did you get for yours. Now that my mom is gone i sure would like to listen to her records again.

  2. jcjohnson Says:

    I got my replacement needle from

    Get the model number off your mother’s stereo just to be sure (many of these stereos looked just alike but may have had different needles) and go to the website. You can look up your needle by model number.

    Good luck!

  3. Nicole Says:

    I was wondering…..I have one exactly like that and I was wondering how much this would sell for. I love mine but I just do not have room for it. It has the reel to reel on one side and record player and radio on the other side. If you could please let me know what you think I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you

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