The Real “Moonwalkers”

Maybe it’s appropriate with this month’s death of Michael Jackson that we can now honor the real moonwalkers.

40 years ago today, July 29, 1969, the world watched as Neil Armstrong stepped onto the moon.  What an awesome achievement.  I never really put it together until reading some comments from Neil’s moonwalking counterpart, Buzz Aldrin, that man stepped foot on the moon just 66 years short years after the Wright brothers first left the ground at Kitty Hawk.

It’s amazing how quickly technology advanced in the 20th century.  Of course there were some who thought the moon landing was a soundstage-produced hoax designed to give us an edge in the US vs. USSR Cold War showdown.  Watching the relative ease with which we send and receive the Space Shuttle today should answer those conspiracy buffs.

The exciting prospects of future space travel are mind-boggling, as NASA develops new technology and eyes a manned mission to Mars sometime in the next two decades.

Two pieces of video for you.   The historic voyage of Apollo 11, and then a little conspiracy humor.



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