Come in Earth…Come in Earth…

Welcome to the “Lost Transmission” blog – future home of the “Lost Transmission” podcast. 

This title was inspired by the movie Contact from way back in 1997. Remember the beginning of that movie? From’s “Greatest Film Sequences – Part 10”, here is a good description of it to refresh your memory… “The sequence opens with a shot of Earth, and a loud mixture of different radio and television signals emanating from the planet. The camera begins to pull away from Earth, past Mars, through the asteroid field, and onto the massive planet Jupiter. As we reach Jupiter, we begin to notice the radio transmissions from Earth are much older, back from the 70’s. We zoom through Saturn’s rings, and finally out of our solar system, where the transmissions are getting harder and harder to hear and are getting much older, the first early TV broadcasts and early radio transmissions. The radio signals and how old they get as you go out demonstrates in a visual way how long it takes for signals to get from Earth to other bodies in the solar system and beyond. Star systems outside of our solar system would just now be receiving early 1920’s radio transmissions from Earth. The scene does not end there however — all we can see that’s familiar is the small bright dot which is our sun. But the camera pulls even further back until we see the Milky Way Galaxy that we’re in — there are absolutely no sounds now, no more transmissions from Earth.

I’ve always been a fan of radio. I mean, little waves travel through the air and come out in this little device in audible tones. How cool is that?! If the scene from Contact is correct, radio and television signals from earth are traveling far into space on an endless journey. Forgotten forever by most earthlings, they live on in the vast expanse of the cosmos. Whoa! I want to channel some of those old sound waves and images through this blog and through my podcast.

I grew up with an affinity for all things from the 1940’s, 1950’s, and 1960’s (yep, there I am with guitar in hand in the picture to the left), as my childhood in the 1970’s was significantly impacted by mid-century pop culture. It’s sort of like one of my kids said once, “Dad likes all those gray shows”. It’s true. I like old movies, old records, and old radio shows.  Much of the music I grew up listening to is somewhat obscure by most people’s standards.

So, stick around and tune in. I’ll be bringing a mixture of the old and some new inspired by the old. You might find some things that bring back memories; and who knows, you just might see and hear some things you’ve never seen or heard before…

Signing off.



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